Things to Enjoy On a Orange County Party Bus

Orange County is one of the most beautiful counties of California, USA. It attracts millions of tourists to its classic picnic and party destinations. It houses many beautiful towns, theme parks, beaches, beautiful farms like Knott’s berry farm, and so on. Disneyland is one of such world class attraction of this county. There are many beautiful beaches on the west coast; few of them are Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Dana Point. Awesome mountains, beautiful farms and ongoing corporate activities are other major attractions, which make it most dynamic county of western coast.

Orange County party bus services and limousine services are few fantastic and incredible value-additions to your fun, entertainment and excitement. Orange county party bus service is very suitable for those groups that comprise from 10 to about 50 people. This is not just a travelling in bus but it live-party all the way through your travelling; you enjoy tens of amenities inside the bus providing you the lavishness and fun of your vacation. These party buses house best quality leather seats, big screen TVs, complementary drinks, refreshments, stripper poles, music, hi-fi sound systems, and many more.

You can enjoy town nightlife, beaches, games, Disney World, farms and many other things by travelling through the luxurious party buses all the way. Travelling through these lavish vehicles would make your mood focused on your vacations by making your travelling so enjoyable and leaving no fatigue impact on your body and mood. The serving staff is very well trained, professionally groomed and highly caring towards their guests and customers.

Orange County party bus service is not only suitable for those people who are there for partying and picnic but also for those corporate delegations and other visiting guests to make their experience incredible and memorable. Orange County houses big corporate offices of fortune 500; a huge number of corporate delegations and seminars always keep going, which makes it very dynamic socio-economic area of the State. It makes great impression on experience of a client, guest or delegate to have picked them from airports to their hotels and seminar destinations. You can make your customers feel at home while serving them with party buses, and thus; best results of business can be achieved and an everlasting impression is left on the minds of your guests and clients.

There are many different types of party bus services in the area of Orange County; they make different types of offers to their clients. These offers include different value added services like price packages, different payment plans, and easy pick and drop programs. You can book better services by scrutinizing different aspects of the services, which may include customer reviews about the company you are considering to. You should also have good detailed information about the additional services provided by company and at the same time you should also get information about skills and attitude of the staff who will serve you or your guest.

A well selected Orange County party bus will sure leave long lasting memories of fun and excitement of your vacation or party.

Finding a Party Bus Rental

A party bus rental can be both a fun and luxurious method of transportation for a large group of people. Most party buses are equipped with a number of great amenities and features that can help turn what would be an ordinary trip into a rockin’ party on wheels! This article will take a look at how to go about finding the best possible party bus rental for any occasion.

Party buses are available in almost any shape or size that you could imagine. You can find smaller ones with a capacity of 10 or 12 people, all the way to larger mega buses that can hold over 80 people. So the first step in choosing a party bus (or limo bus as they are also called) is to figure out how many people will be joining you. In most cases, the size of the vehicle you need to rent will effect the price so you may not want to go with a 70 passenger vehicle when you only need room for 20 people.

You’ll also find a number of very cool features and amenities on party buses these days. It seems like companies are trying to out do one another to come up with the biggest and baddest limo bus out there. Most vehicles will come with standard things such as washrooms, sound systems, limo style seating and party lighting but you may come across vehicles that try to go the extra mile to impress. Such things as light up dance floors, karaoke machines, multiple TVs, private VIP rooms, multiple wet bar areas, personal hosts and DJs, or even areas for live bands to set up and play music!

Before calling or emailing for a reservation you should always have an idea of how long you will need the rental for and how far you will be traveling. You will also want to double check and ask to make sure that the company you are renting from has the appropriate licensing and insurance to operate a party bus in your region. It is also highly recommended that you get a contract in writing which outlines the entire agreement including costs and what happens if there are damages or any other issues that might arise. These things are all done to ensure the safety of you and the rest of your passengers and to make sure that you are protected and that do not get taken advantage of.

So here is hoping that your party bus rental goes off without a hitch and that you and your entire group has a fun and memorable time without any problems.

Rent Chicago Party Bus Services for Your Bachelor Party

Chicago is the largest city in the Illinois state. It is the biggest city in Midwest with nearly 3 million people residing in it’s area and 7 more million living in it’s suburbs. Chicago is located mainly in one county: Cook county, but some small parts extend over the DuPage county. Chicago was found as an industrial city and grew up into a cultural, business, transportation and financial center in central USA.

While in Chicago, don’t forget to visit it’s biggest building: The Willis Tower, also hop into the famous museums: Museum of Science and industry, The Field Museum, Museum of contemporary Arts. There are so many cultural activities in the Windy city not only for tourists, but also for it’s residents. Make sure to walk around in the millennium park and go to the beach at Lake Michigan.

For those that are planning a bachelor or bachelorette night in Chicago there are many activities to do at night. Do you have all the list of places where to go and what bars to visit? You can add more fun to your party by renting a limo bus to transport your group form one side of the city to another comfortably and in style. Many Chicago companies have special packages for such parties and can help you improve your party and help you save.

There is a wide selection of bars, caffes, clubs and restaurants in the Windy City. However, you might feel lost when it comes to choosing the best ones for your party. If you book a bachelor party package, most likely there will be included extras such as entrance to Chicago’s most famous clubs like Excalibur or Sound-bar and reserved table seating.

Looking for a limo company in such a busy city might be a difficult task at first. There are hundreds of limo service providers in Chicago. You do not want to call multiple companies just to find out if they offer party packages or deals. What you should do is to narrow your search criteria. Be specific about which bars you are interested in or what party bus you need. There are different types of party buses available in the Windy City so that you can get as many people as you like and have the amenities of your choice.

In the limo bus you can pre-party all you want. A party bus is a spacious private area where you can relax and have your own party going on. Most of the buses have light systems installed, lasers and strobe lights. Also, they have coolers stacked with drinks for your and your friends convenience. Also, most of the buses have plasma tvs, professional sound stereo system and a dance area. Some come with extra additions as disco ceilings and floors, mirrors, neons and styled cupholders just to entertain you. Everything is made for the customer to be happy and excited.

Renting a Party Bus is really convenient. Since you want all of your friends to stick together and you don’t want anyone drunk driving, a chauffeured limo bus is the vehicle to go with. In this way, everybody will be safe and your friends will be thankful to you. Moreover, you will hit that club in style and glamour. You will arrive like a VIP and have that bus waiting for you while you have fun at the bar.

There are many of limousine companies in Chicago. Some specialize in airport shuttle, some only work with corporate accounts and some specialize in parties. However, there are some that offer all the services. Elite Chicago Limo is one of them. You can rent a limo bus for your bachelors party, wedding SUV for the next day and an airport shuttle for your transportation to the airport for the honeymoon. When looking for a limo company in Chicago, search for one like this one.

Planning a Beverly Hills Party Bus Rental in Beverly Hills, California?

From May to December, capture your next Beverly Hills party bus tour in the direction of Beverly Hills and you can get pleasure from the Beverly Hills party Bus Tours throughout a forty minute guided tour certain scheduled Saturdays. The trip requires you through the houses of celebs, spectacular architectural sites as well as by some landmarks of Beverly Hills. Tour guides tender information and a short times past of the sites during this trip. You can settle on up the Beverly Hills party Bus in the middle of shopping as well as dining region at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way.

After returning toward your party bus from the excursion, enjoy the shopping along Rodeo Drive. There isn’t a few position else you’ll get names similar Valentino, Armani, Carrier, Tiffany in addition to Prada all in eye location. Now a block away starting Rodeo Drive, you will find names mainly public are more familiar with these kinds of since GAP, the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

If shopping is not your thing to achieve, Beverly Hills gives numerous other chances to use up a day intended for your Beverly Hills party bus rental. The Greystone Mansion is an 18-acre park site that is identified designed for cultural activities moreover is a desired place or else weddings. tour through two areas of the former Doheny Mansion along with stroll all through the formal backyards in addition to earlier period the large fountain, pond and inside courtyard. The Greystone playground has been exposed in films with the grounds being featured within catalogs, advertising campaigns as well as still camera work. Beverly Hills party bus rentals can be taught of the olden times of the mansion moreover take pleasure in the architectural creations through captivating the excursion famous as the Inside Greystone.

A different great destination of Beverly Hills is the Will Rogers recreational area. Your party bus rental can be able in the direction of go in the playground and look after fast-paced polo games just off the park district of picnic furniture. Will Roger’s home is positioned just north of the Visitor’s Center into the recreational area. The flourishing lush garden functioned as a golf course next to the moment in time Roger’s enjoyed into the residence. A trip of Roger’s home force illustrates barn-like rafters within the living room among Indian blankets in addition to mammal hides in addition toward the decor. Roger’s unique furniture along with mementos have been preserved along with are displayed inside the home. An excursion guide gives many attractive and humorous facts about the home, the artifacts and on the subject of Roger’s himself.

The newly renovated Civic Center focuses on the Spanish Renaissance structure among its rounded colonnades surround, which is great to visit with Beverly Hills party bus. The renovation stretched out City Hall, the library moreover the police and fire departments. The palm trees as well as courtyards alongside among the spectacular buildings has turn out headed for be one of the for the most part appealing buildings designed for excursions toward observation.

Beverly Hills party bus rental gives much extra toward see with several parks presents a opportunity in the direction of rest along with observe the behavior surrounding the playground even as enjoying a picnic eat. Shopping, eating, historical as well as cultural actions have attracted party bus tours starting around the world to sight what this town has to offer.

Preparation of Hollywood Party Bus Rental in Hollywood, California

To experience all of the society, fashion as well as entertainment in the Hollywood neighborhood, your most excellent expect is to embark on a Hollywood party bus rental. This technique, you contain the best moving in the direction of all of the sights and sights that you contain been dying in the direction of observe exclusive of having in the direction of be bothered about doing any of the driving yourself. Inside addition in the direction of all of the most modern sights and points of interest, your party bus group will as well encompass an option of several of the greatest dining places inside the whole Hollywood region. No matter where you finish up taking place your Hollywood tour, you are pretty much certain in the direction of contain a marvelous instance when you pay a quick visit this brilliant town.

For the ultimate inside purchasing, why not have your party bus stop through the recognized Melrose Avenue area. On one occasion you step foot against Melrose Avenue at La Cienega Boulevard, you are sure to get bitten by the buying bug. This is single method that your assembly can be alive able to acquire a feel of real shopping inside complete Hollywood method. Nearby are tons of enormous eating places and stores next to the way anywhere you can be able to browse around or purchase a few matter intended for yourself or as a gift. You and your party bus crowd might smooth be talented to obtain in on a small walking rental all through the neighborhood a lot that you can obtain a number of design on the background and the past of Melrose Avenue.

What class of a tour event inside this city would be whole without stop at the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Your collection can hop out and try out belongings revealed on Hollywood Boulevard. This is where you determination to obtain larger than 2000 names of celebrities, musicians, comedians and more. Survive confident so as to you get along your digital camera so that you may contain your portrait taken while you are position by one of the stars of your most wanted celebrities.

Wherever your Hollywood party bus rental calls for you inside Hollywood, you are abut in the direction of comprise a truly incredible and unforgettable time. Immediately position jointly some kind of a list of all of the famous places so as to you would like to observe plus you must have a cool time ahead of you. Each person on your Hollywood party bus rental will enjoy every single one of the trip.

An Overview of Wrongful Death Laws and California Wrongful Death Attorneys

Wrongful death claims are based on the death caused by someone else’s lack of carelessness or another’s intentional infliction of physical harm. Death claims can be caused and often are caused by commercial truck accidents, but they can be caused under many different circumstances. They can be caused by electrocution when someone leaves live electric wires exposed, it can be caused by the careless discharge of a gun, it can be caused in motorcycle accidents, by dog attacks, and by medical doctors as well. Surprisingly medical doctors cause an extraordinarily large number of deaths.

Serious injury and wrongful death attorneys in San Diego, California and throughout the state, and probably the whole country, file suits on behalf of families of the deceased against all culprits. The defendants are often just the perpetrator, but sometimes the defendant includes another party. Usually the second party is the person who entrusted the perpetrator with a vehicle or something else that led to the incident. When a commercial truck is involved a second party besides the driver is often the employer. Usually it is a natural person, but sometimes it is a corporation or other business entity. Sometimes the defendant is a government agency such as transit agency. An employee is acting for the employer and unless the act is intentional, the employer is responsible.

These type of cases are all actionable, meaning a lawsuit can be brought for money damages or wrongful death compensation. Initially most families don’t even consider filing a lawsuit, because of the grief these types of events bring. Many families are also disappointed to find that in most cases there is no criminal prosecution. Even death caused as a result of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prosecuted, and if prosecuted the penalty is minor.

In my experience and in conversations with wrongful death attorneys from San Diego County, a second big problem for the families of the deceased is the lack of insurance coverage for the wrongful acts of the defendant. A Ramona wrongful death attorney complained about the frequent serious injury accidents and wrongful death cases resulting from uninsured or poorly insured drivers. Another from the Coachella Valley, California with cases from Mecca and Thermal reported the same thing.

Sometimes even when commercial vehicles are involved there is no insurance coverage. There was one instance when a bus operator collided with a small vehicle in Carlsbad, California he had no insurance at all. The operator of the bus had no assets and there was little recourse to the families of the deceased. A vista wrongful death attorney reported a similar incident where the defendant was driving under the influence and the insurance on the vehicle had expired and therefore there was no coverage. A San Marcos California wrongful death attorney that practices medical malpractice cites the caps on medical malpractice lawsuits as big problem.

Ironically health care costs continue to rise despite the caps on medical malpractice lawsuits. California has a cap of $250,000, which is adding insult to injury to a family that may have no only companion, husband, and father of children, but who may have lost their sole provider and will now suffer economically. There are no caps in cases involving car accidents or truck accidents or even wrongful death from dog attacks, but California only requires $15,000 insurance coverage and similar coverage exists throughout the country. The small amounts of coverage are clearly insufficient to be of any help to a struggling family, especially when there are children involved.

A third problem is the statute of limitations, especially when the defendant is a government agency. In California the families, must file a claim very quickly, because the time limit is often as little as six months. These rules are truly unfair to the families of the deceased, since most families are still grieving six months down the road and often have not even considered filing a lawsuit. Families of the deceased should contact an attorney right away, especially when there are children that were dependent on the deceased.

A wrongful death attorney is usually not an attorney limited to wrongful death cases, but rather one that practices wrongful death and personal injury, and sometimes another area of law. Most wrongful death attorneys handle cases throughout their state and sometimes go into neighboring states.

There are many factors to consider in choosing a wrongful death attorney and there are many ideas as to how to best select an attorney. My past clients have had the greatest degree of dissatisfaction with wrongful death attorneys, and serious injury truck accident attorneys, when they obtained the attorneys after viewing their TV commercials. Many of my clients that changed attorneys and came to me reported that these law firms were very busy, and that they never spoke with an attorney or that they spoke with an attorney for less than 10 minutes during the entire course of representation. Attorneys are generally busy, but most cases require some degree of communication and should not be too sheltered by paralegals and secretaries.

Clients that initially sought help at large law firms reported the same type of dissatisfaction, once again reporting that these attorneys were too sheltered by paralegals and secretaries. Interestingly I have not had any clients come to me because they felt their former attorney was too inexperienced.

Hire a Wine Tours Luxury Event and Wedding Transportation

Don’t forget wedding is one of the major events in our life. So it needs to make a perfect planning and your wedding transportation represents yet another opportunity to present your creativity and personality. And give your guests proper treatment and transport. So whenever you are planning to celebrate an extraordinary with of your guests, family and yourself you must find out the right solution for proper transportation.

Wedding transportation:
If you’re looking for a good Wedding Transportation and in San Diego then Wine Tours is one of them. You can rent limousines, cabs, carriages for bachelorette parties, tram for anniversaries parties. Whether your wedding will be a small event or a huge blowout, you have to make the right decisions from the very start and make time to fall in love all over again. A San Diego wedding is much more enjoyable and esteemed when a limousine is involved. This is why most couples book their transportation well in advance. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone. Just make sure to keep it special for yourself.

Temecula Valley Wine Tours:
Temecula Valley is known as Southern California’s wine country located in Temecula, California it is a veritable paradise encompassing area just 60 miles north of San Diego and 90 miles south of Los Angeles. Temecula Wine Tours with San Diego Party Bus and Top Dog Limo Bus are great ways to enjoy Temecula Wine Country for large groups. Get your friends together and spend your holidays in Temecula Wine Country with comfort and safety. If you are interested in casual dining or something more upscale, you should be able to find it. You must be chauffeured stretched limousines for your special events.

Test out your Limo in advance:
If possible ask for the particular San Diego Limo that you have decided to hire. Normally a local company will show you all the beautiful limos and this will give you an opportunity to make sure that all the facilities you’re looking for will be available for you.

If in any case you are unable to check out your San Diego Limo beforehand, then you can at least contact them or visit their website to see if they have given any photos of San Diego Limousine available for rentals.

Learn the Contract Carefully:
Study the contract carefully and revise it again! Be sure you know that when the charges will begin and when it’ll end up. Also look for waiting time (if any). The contract should disclose all the costs to be incurred. it is essential you should look the following points in the contract:

1. The exact color, manufacturing year and model of the San Diego Limousine that you have selected.
2. Know the accurate pickup time.
3. The journey and the program involved.
4. The exact time of the drop off.
5. Specify the rates which include the gratuity and other miscellaneous charges if any that may occur.
6. Your fees and deposit you need to cancel in any case.

Car rentals are available in most cities. When renting a car, be aware about that your driver always carry the license with him. If you rent a car, keep a copy of the rental contract. Who knows you may need it if any misshapen.

The police may routine check vehicle drivers for alcohol; generally controls are heavy in national holidays or close to mass events where people may consume alcohol. It’s illegal to drive with a blood alcoholic content of more than 0.05% /ml. Even below that limit you may face severe fines if you seem unfit to drive. The limit is zero for people under 21 and those who have their license for less than two years.

If you are seeking for a unique vehicle in your special occasion or in major event like wedding, bachelor parties, birthdays and anniversaries or trip to airport transportation, wine tours, corporate accounts etc. you can avail all purpose San Diego Limo anytime. Choose your transportation from right way and make your day classy and remarkable.

Captivating Cambria – Treasure by the Sea

As I drive north along Highway 101, I sigh contentedly. I am finally out of LA. The rest of the drive is smooth, scenic, and less stressful. I am on my way to Cambria, located just south of San Simeon State Park on California’s central coast. After passing the well-known Madonna Inn, I know I am getting close to the exit I need to take in San Luis Obispo to catch PCH, the “Pacific Coast Highway.” As I drive along the coast, I find it impossible to keep my eyes off the shimmer and shine of the ocean under the afternoon sun. This is why I live in California.

Cambria is one of my favorite destinations because it never changes. My favorite restaurant, Robin’s, and some of my favorite shops, have been there for as long as I can remember. And always, there is plenty of California wine to go around. Why? Because Cambria is next door to wine country, and, best of all, there is not a single fast-food restaurant in all of Cambria. No hamburgers and fries for me on this trip!

This friendly, quaint, picturesque, little town never ceases to captivate me. Always, when I pass by the tiny town of Harmony on Highway 1, I know that I am finally at the end of my six-hour journey. As I head up the hill, right before the Cambria turnoff, the enormous pines on the knolls come into view, as well as the brightly painted homes that dot the hillsides. Swirls of white smoke escape from the chimneys, and the smell of the air is, well, intoxicating. Cambria is a “massage and a jacuzzi” all wrapped up into one little relaxation package. If you want to walk along the beach, with hardly anyone around, or eat delicious food in cozy, intimate restaurants, then Cambria is the place to go.

Throughout Cambria’s history, this little town has been called Santa Rosa, Roseville, San Simeon, and “Slabtown.” The town became known as Cambria on January 10, 1870. Today, there are still original structures from the early days, some of which even survived the Great Fire of 1889. It was after the introduction of the automobile in the 1920’s that a much improved road was built in Cambria which in turn brought about land developers. When Hearst Castle, in nearby San Simeon, became a state park in 1958, the tourists made their way to this little “Treasure by the Sea” and they haven’t stopped since. The best part about visiting Cambria is its easy accessibility. It only takes about a half a day or so to get there from most places in the state.

I am not new to Cambria. I have visited many times over the past decade or so, but I always end up staying at the same hotel. This time, I wanted something different. I decided to stay at two places which were quite different from one another. The first was the Just Inn at Justin Vineyards and Winery located in Paso Robles. Although not actually in Cambria, I consider the wineries in and around Paso Robles, Cambria territory. The second place I stayed at was a cute and cozy bed & breakfast place called J. Patrick House, located very close to downtown Cambria. Both were unique in what they had to offer and both proved to be excellent choices.

Quite by accident, a few years earlier, I discovered the wine country around Paso Robles. One day, while driving east on Highway 46, I saw a tiny sign that said “To Wineries.” I turned and found myself on a narrow two lane paved road that wound around the hillsides among massive oak trees with long pale green sheets of moss hanging from the tree’s branches. Was I in a fairy tale, I wondered? I expected a talking bunny with a top hat to jump out onto the road at any moment. I drove along completely enjoying myself. I heard and saw a woodpecker, came across about 10 deer grazing, and even saw a bobcat. And then, after another bend in the road, there it stood, right in the middle of a vineyard, a winery! I spent the rest of the day visiting other wineries in the area and purchased some really fine wines.

The next day, while visiting another winery, a couple in the tasting room asked if I had ever been to Justin Winery. They told that I should go there and taste their wines. I decided to go that day. The drive there was beautiful. Rolling hills, dotted with enormous oak trees, and acres and acres of vineyards were sketched out all around me like a painting. One of the things I have discovered over the years is that no matter what time of year I visit Cambria and the surrounding wine country, there is always something beautiful to see. When I arrived at Justin, I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant and winery were lovely and the wines I tasted were even lovelier. The tasting room was large and cozy, full of wonderful wines for sale, and there was even a restaurant on the premises called Deborah’s Room. After I tasted a few wines, I went outside and walked through the beautiful flower-filled gardens and grounds. It was then that I noticed the “Just Inn” right behind the restaurant. People could spend the night here. I liked that idea!

One year later, I was on my way to do just that; spend a night at the Just Inn. I was excited! It was late afternoon and the air was crisp. I was only a few miles away when I couldn’t resist stopping to take some pictures of the vineyards. The late afternoon sun was just right and the vineyards were incredibly beautiful. Streaks of gold, yellow, and red completely dazzled me as I got out of my car. Behind this beautiful setting were massive forests on the hillsides surrounding this spectacle of color. I must have taken a dozen pictures! As I drove off again, after a few more twists and turns on the winding road, I finally arrived. I was greeted by two large furry dogs. After a few licks and hugs, I walked into the door of the winery. There were hundreds of bottles of wine in handsome wooden bins in an atmosphere of old world fresco, just like I remembered. Before checking into my room, I visited the tasting bar. I learned that Justin Wine Society members can enjoy a separate, private tasting sanctuary right up the road. After tasting a very nice selection of Justin wines, I was escorted to my suite. I was very excited to see where I would be sleeping.

There are four suites at the Just Inn – the Tuscany, the Provence, the Sussex, and the Bordeaux. I was assigned the Sussex suite. When I first walked in, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It wasn’t a room, it was an apartment! It was simply beautiful, with an English feel about it. It was also 1200 sq. ft! There was even a marble bath with a hydro-spa, and, best of all, a huge rock wood-burning fireplace. Was I was back in England? Where were the tea and crumpets?

The living room furniture was plush and inviting, with bright colorful pillows. There was even a large leather chair with a reading light right by the fireplace; perfect for curling up with a good book. The dark wooden floors throughout were covered with gorgeous rich rugs weaved with different shades of reds. The walls were painted goldenrod yellow. Two steps up and I was in the kitchen area which included a sink, cupboards, and a small refrigerator. And….when I walked into the bedroom, I looked “up” at the bed, instead of down. Yes, up! It was absolutely the “highest” bed I had ever seen. I used the steps provided and climbed to the top of the bed. As I bounced around on the mattress, I thought of the fairy tale story “The Princess and the Pea.” I felt like a princess. I couldn’t wait until bedtime.

When Justin and Deborah Baldwin started their winery in 1981, there were less than 10 wineries in the area. Today that number has jumped up to over 100 wineries. Their desire was to make world class wines that reflected the unique soil and climate of their California Central Coast property. They have certainly succeeded for their wines today are sold all over the world.

After a walk through the vineyards, I dressed for dinner. I had reservations for 8:00 at Deborah’s Room. The room itself is small and intimate. When I peeked in earlier, Eric, one of the waiters, was busy ironing the table cloths. Dining at Deborah’s Room was a lovely experience that I will never forget. Although I was alone, thanks to my servers, Timothy and Eric, I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. Dinners are served nightly and al fresco lunches are served weekends on the Wishing Well Patio. What I particularly enjoyed about my dinner was the pairing of a different Justin wine with each selection on the menu. I chose Butter Poached Lobster Tail on a bed of White Truffle Oil Risotta and Parmesan Foam for my appetizer, and Pan Roasted Hawaiian Opakapaka for my Entree. Both were excellent! Although a bit pricey, the food and overall dining experience was well worth it! What a great way to spend a special occasion.

After a restful night’s sleep (and, no, there was not one single pea under my mattress) I got up early and took another stroll in the vineyards that surround the winery. The air was crisp, clean and the views breathtaking. A visit to the Justin Inn would not be complete without a stroll in the English Gardens, the vineyards, or a dip in the heated pool. Oh, last but not least, but very important since I was, after all, staying at a winery, a chilled bottle of Justin wine was waiting for me in my room when I first arrived.

As I said my goodbyes to everyone the next morning, including the dogs, I got into my car and took one last look at this very special place. I hated to leave, but I had more people to meet and places to see. Today was my day to visit Hearst Castle.

After a short drive, I was back on Highway 1, heading north towards Hearst Castle. It had been a lot of years since my last visit at William Randolph Hearst’s “Castle in the Sky” and I could hardly wait to see it again. I quickly purchased my ticket and boarded the bus for my ride up to the Castle. I am always amazed how Mr. Hearst’s architect, Julia Morgan, and the work crew managed to get everything up to the top of the mountain. After numerous “oohs” and “ahs”, and gossipy stories from our guide about the rich and famous who used to party at Hearst Castle, I stopped at one of the balconies to take in the incredible views of the ocean and surrounding area. I tried to imagine what it would have been like to have been a guest of Mr. Hearst and Marion Davies, his long-time mistress. I could almost hear the laughter of the guests at one of his famous parties. Oh look, there’s Cary Grant!

One thing I noticed in the massive dining room at Hearst Castle were bottles of catsup and mustard scattered throughout on the long dining room table. No matter what the menu or how fancy the china, Mr. Hearst insisted that these two condiments be included at every meal. My kind of guy!

Part of the fun of visiting Hearst Castle is the bus ride up and down. The road is narrow and there are many times when you cannot even see the pavement under the bus. A bit scary for some. Not to worry, however, for the drivers are very experienced and have been doing this for a very long time. At least that is what they told me after I screamed.

After my fun afternoon at Hearst Castle, it was time to head back to the J. Patrick House in Cambria. I was hungry and cold and couldn’t wait to warm up in front of the fireplace in my room. Yes, I had my very own fireplace! This would be my last stop and one I was really looking forward to.

The J. Patrick House is a beautiful bed & breakfast inn not far from downtown Cambria. It is an authentic log home with guest cottages in the back. Included in the price of an overnight stay at the Inn are wood-burning fireplaces, private bathrooms, a hosted wine hour, bedtime “killer” chocolate chip cookies (and they are yummy!) and an exquisite breakfast. Many times websites can be deceiving. What you see is not exactly what you get. But everything their website said about this place was absolutely true. Everything was perfect! The rooms were clean, cozy and inviting. The innkeepers were sweet and accommodating when I called to set up my visit. When I first arrived, guests were laughing and chatting in front of the warm fireplace. I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed.

For my last evening in Cambria, I planned on having dinner at Robin’s Restaurant on Burton Drive, my favorite place to dine. This wonderful little restaurant is only a few minutes from the J. Patrick House, perfect for those who don’t want to go far. When I arrived, it was filling up quickly. After a delectable meal of crab cakes, spinach salad, salmon, and apple pie, I understood why. It is a popular place! Robin’s is quaint and friendly, just like the town it is located in. The service is beyond excellent and I was made to feel right at home when I first walked in. The servers were all very friendly, which to me, is the most important aspect of a restaurant, besides the food, of course. They seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. The menu is varied which means there is something for everyone.

After one or two (or three) “killer” chocolate chip cookies after my fantastic dinner, and a very restful night’s sleep, it was time to say goodbye. After chatting with other guests over breakfast about the incredible experiences we all had, I packed my car and got ready to go. The “Jacuzzi and massage relaxation package” of just spending time in this wonderful little town of Cambria and, of course, the wine country, had not failed to disappoint me. This is why I return again and again each year. As I got into my car, I felt like a new woman…refreshed; happy; and already planning my next trip to Cambria.

55 Plus Communities in Canyon Country, California – Which One Would You Choose?

If you are considering buying a mobile home in a 55+ community, there are lots of things to consider. First of all, do you like a lot of activities? Bingo anyone? What about joining a game of cards? Bring your favorite dish to a potluck ;maybe? Join other residents in the billiard room for a round of pool?

Like to stay healthy? What about joining other residents for a morning walk and if you have a dog, take him/her with you to. As far as pets go, there are size limits, always inquire with the park manager as far as weight, height and how many. Some parks are 20 ldbs. and only one, others might allow two.

The most activities are taken place in Greenbrier Estates. There is Greenbrier Estates East (GBE) and Greenbrier Estates West (GBW). GBE has the parks office and clubhouse and all residents from GBE and GBW can use it. The clubhouse is large with a full kitchen and a stage. Several dinners are taken place throughout the year and on certain holidays.

The club house also has a coffee room with free coffee and there is several tables there, for any activity. There is also a library and yes, you can donate your un-wanted books to them. There are his and her restrooms as well. Behind the club house is a good size swimming pool and also a hot tub.

GBW has its own swimming pool and a beautiful green belt in the back with wandering paths for a relaxing stroll. There is also a tennis court on the green belt. Both mobile home parks (managed by the same company and located almost next to each other) has large spaces and everything is kept up very nicely. There are no single wide mobile homes, they are mostly double wide mobile homes and there are also some triple wides and even quads!

Used mobile homes are selling between $65,000 to $140,000. Do you prefer a brand new manufactured home? Yes, the community is regularly up-dated with new manufactured homes with all the bells and whistles. They sell for between $175,000 to $250,000. All dry-walled, solid wood kitchen cabinets, upgraded carpeting, corian countertops, tile edging, upgraded faucets and light fixtures and more. Most are two bedrooms and a den and they also come with a wood-burning fireplace.

Space rent to new owner in Greenbrier Estates is currently $734 and it is rent-controlled. It is tied to the city of Santa Clarita’s Consumer Price Index and space rent goes up January first, every year. Last increase was 2.9%. For further details, please contact the park office.

Both GBE and GBW have a gate that closes at 8pm. Centrally located with shopping right across the street. There is Sam’s Club and a Super Walmart and several eateries and other shops as well. Even a 24 hour Fitness Club. Metrolink is a couple of blocks away and so is also the famous Santa Clarita Swapmeet which takes place every Sunday and Tuesday. Tuesdays have no admission and they also sell fruit and vegetables at very reasonable prices, however, not organic.

What other 55+ Communities are there?

Canyon Palms. Both single wide mobile homes and double wide mobile homes.Also some new manufactured homes and currently there are two vacant spaces to bring in a new manufactured home. A total of 45 spaces. Very clean but some spaces are small and there is a club house with a full kitchen for birthday parties and so on. There is also a smaller swimming pool. No activities unless you create them yourself. A public laundry room is available.

Centrally located and shopping, dining, post office and fire station all within a block or two. There is a bus stop right outside the park entrance. Space rent is only $500 to new owner and it is rent-controlled.

Sierra Park. A total of 76 spaces, mostly single wide mobile homes, a few double wide mobile homes. There are also some newer manufactured homes and a few park models. A park model is not considered a manufactured home. They are only eleven feet wide by thirtytwo feet long and you can not get financing on them. They are a “cross breed” between a manufactured home and an RV. Sierra Park also has several RV’s.

Nicely kept, quiet community. There is a club house with books and lots of video tapes to borrow for free. Sometimes there are dinners arranged by the manager and the club house is free of course, to use for any activity, such as birthdays or potluck or a game of cards. There is a pool table too.

Pets are allowed and please check with the manager as far as size and weight and how many. Sierra Park is located almost across from Canyon Palms so shopping, dining etcetera, are as available. Space rent to new owner is $475 and rent-controlled. There are currently about six homes for sale there, between $38,777 to $47,500. They are either one bedroom or two.

Spring In Los Angeles – Our Top 10 Things To See


From underground hip hop clubs representing the West Coast flavors to the biggest dance clubs where you’re likely to rub shoulders with the biggest celebrities and artists, you will find no shortage of dancing and the hottest music in LA.


Los Angeles has some of the best theme parks in their backyard. Head to Universal Studios Hollywood for both a taste of film history and family fun. Take the old and young kids to Disneyland for a magical vacation that will create memories for the rest of your life. LA has lots of theme park action.


You should find no shortage of tour guides in LA. Celebrity tour guides dominate the landscape, but there are plenty of other categories that provide interesting and useful services as well. Tours that detail the history of the city, hiking tours, museums, and vineyards.


If you come to Los Angeles prepared to eat, you can quickly burn through your entire vacation budget in just a few days with how many five-star restaurants there are on any given street. The city’s rich Asian and Latin cuisines with that California twist is one of a kind and something you should not miss.


The hilly landscape of Los Angeles provides an excellent opportunity to see the city in a unique perspective and appreciate its natural beauty. These hikes are safe and can be enjoyed by anyone, even if you’re not an avid outdoorsman. Just pay mind to the California sun.


As California continues to press through this feverish period of drought, it’s important to get a little perspective of just how precious the State’s natural resources are. Lake Tahoe is a pristine destination that really comes to life during the spring.


If you’re looking for some beach action, you have a few directions you can head to catch some rays, one of those being Santa Cruz. The famous boardwalk has a nice offering of fresh seafood and carnival atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


For an alternative beach destination, Monterey Bay is like no other. This beach hub is also home to one of the greatest aquariums in the country, a shopping district, and an ocean filled with flourishing sea life.


This is Los Angeles’ Historical Winery, where the best vineyards are but a short drive away, with food and wine coming together in perfect harmony. You should book your own wine tour in-advanced for the best deals at the height of tourism season.


There’s no comparison at Yosemite, this is a once in a lifetime experience to see America’s greatest wildlife and untamed elements. The park’s waterfalls and rivers come alive during the spring, when the snow melts and adds to its volume and power that can be felt in your entire body when viewed up close.